Ponseti Way


This approach of treatment of congenital clubfoot developed by American physician Ignacio Ponseti, and differs from a traditional enhanced understanding of the functional anatomy of a foot. Ponseti approach for the treatment need be started at a age of 1-2 weeks, and strictly comply with a medic's prescription.

Ponseti technique in most cases, do without major surgery, limited alone by percutaneous Achilles notch to increase its length. Foot cured by this technique are more flexible and strength, so comfortably as less hurt than traditional surgery.

Ponseti technique, how comfortably as traditional, a 1st phase includes gypsum foot from a toes to the upper thigh. How, in this method, the position of the bones of the foot is corrected in some way: in some planes. A physician who practices this approach must enjoy especial training. Just to correct foot position to change 6-7 times a plaster cast, every time changing the position of a foot and stretching a ligaments in a especial way.

When the correct position is to some degree, a medical man conducts a cut Achilles tendon (tenotomy) to give a foot more freedom. Читать полностью -->

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