A most common cause of fever - a viral infection.


Most frequently, even before a exterior of outward symptoms (eg fever or cough), my mom was yet a carrier of the virus, which means that the child has been exposed to the possibility of infection. When a body is faced with a infection, it starts the process of antibody production. These antibodies into the aging body of the baby done fresh milk. They will help a child not to get sick or to transfer the disease are relatively mild.

So for temperature, it is a kind of organic defenses against infection. During a illness of a hypothalamus increases a body temperature however that the aging body can produce substances it needs to combat the disease.

In turn, a rapid weaning is due to raise the temperature can be quite traumatic for the health of both mom and newborn. Mum may swell a chest that in itself increases the likelihood of mastitis. Читать полностью -->

What are these rules?


- Good apply bezammiachnoy paint or ink on a organic basis (henna, Basma). This will not only protect yourself and the newborn, but as well pick up maintenance of the thin hair.

- Earlier painting it would be great to hold a standard test for an allergic reaction. Even if you have used this paint earlier, checking does not hurt, because a changed hormones can lead to unexpected reactions.

- Provide perfect thin hair coloring in a well-ventilated space. By this measure, It is possible to cut a concentration of volatile toxic substances that evaporate in a coloring process.

- Of the this process, it would be fine to walk in a fresh air.

- Depending on a age of a baby, you can consider my mother to express her portion of natural milk in progress, in case if a child is hungry during or immediately of the a staining process.

As well, nursing mums who keep decided to change a hair color, you should to keep in mind what may be quite different, unplanned shade due to changes in hormonal levels.

In any case, the selection is his mum. Of course, lovely and confident, it will give more love and affection to his family. At the like time, women during pregnancy and lactation on a great and harmonious nature, for in this way to satisfy her deepest and most ancient domestic requires.

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May chocolate nursing?


According to a lot of moms and professionals, there are products that most often cause reactions in children (rash, cramps, agitation). These products ofttimes incorporate chocolate. Is this true? Can I warm-feeding chocolate?

A problem "May chocolate nursing?" Meets consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breast-feeding "Project ProGV", member of the professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

In a West, there is no such item however a "list of foods that mom at GW should be completely avoided," and most nursing mothers may eat anything they wish. It is impossible to give general council on nutrition to all moms at once, because a aging body of every child is unique: it responded to a newborn, may not ignore the other.

If someone in a family has an allergy, then the child is more likely to react to a item. Perhaps, so, you'll possess to give up approximately items or apply them in small quantities, but then again, these items will be various for every child. According to many mums and professionals, there are items that most often cause reactions in infants (rash, cramps, agitation). Читать полностью -->

Tips for parents


Permanent illness of a child, how mentioned above, are associated not alone with little immunity. One of the decisive factors in addition to other is the psychological state of a newborn. Therefore, parents should strive to minimize all a annoyances. What do you wish?

• Respect for a day.

• A balanced food.

• Charging, aqua and air tempering proceedings, starting with the second 7 days following recovery.

• great night's sleep (count weekends, so many hours want a newborn to sleep, and during a week put him to sleep at a time same that in a satisfying he got his rule, in case of fatigue necessarily put the baby to sleep following school).

• At least an hour of time to communicate with the child and play every day (at this hour will not assess the homework!).

• Special breathing exercises.

• The medical man's prescription - bracing massage.

• Wear done of grade natural fabrics (particularly if a baby is suffering autonomic disturbances).

• Compliance with a standard rules of hygiene.

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Symptoms of strabismus


A most common symptoms are:

- A child may not direct the eye at a like time at a single point in space. If you look deviates alone slightly, you may not enjoy noticed;

- Eyes not moving together;

- Squints one eye or closed in the sun;

- A baby bends or turns his head to be at a facility;

- A baby bumps into objects (strabismus impairs depth perception of area).

Older children may complain of blurred vision, eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, split items. Symptoms may come and go. Normally, you get worse when a newborn is tired or sick.

As for a babies, your be may be diskoordinirovannym at first, but by 3-4 months of life, both skin eyes want be equalized. In any cases, babies with a broad bridge of strabismus may be apparent. But if, after four weeks of life a baby's skin eyes are not looking at one point most of a time, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist.

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Can I color my thin hair nursing?


As well, nursing mothers who possess decided to substitute the hair color, you must to keep in mind what may be quite variant, unplanned shade due to changes in hormonal levels.

In a case, a choice is his mum. Of course, fine and confident, it will give more love and affection to his family. At the like time, women during pregnancy and lactation on a nice and harmonious nature, for in this method to satisfy her deepest and most ancient domestic demands.

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