Can I eat fresh fish, eggs and seafood are pregnant or nursing?


In accordance with a recommendations of FDA, pregnant gerls, nursing mums and infants should completely give up eating fresh meat, large long-lived fish, particularly sharks, swordfish and king mackerel. These crab are very great and contain a lot of toxic substances. Other species of fresh fish and seafood relatively smaller size is safe to eat. However, a recommended volume of seafood consumed need not exceed 12 ounces (340 grams) per week. FDA also provides a list of marine life, which found the least amount of mercury: salmon, catfish, pollock, shrimp and lightness tuna, which is used for conservation.

Caviar crab, however right so the fresh fish itself, contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are vital to health. It is considered safe for apply during pregnancy and lactation, provided that it is properly cooked or pasteurized. Читать полностью -->

Moms share their experience: hair leaving after giving birthday


Many gerls who are mothers, complain of problems with a thin hair. Indeed, of the a delivery, a sharp deterioration of a thin hair: you get brittle, lose their luster and get to fall. Recommend that moms who get been done this?

Why does hair fall out following birth

How many processes in a body gerls manage hormones. Specifically when it comes to pregnancy and birthday. Changes everything: both outside and inside. Internal changes entail and external. Читать полностью -->

All tips with mums


- Ordering Houses

It is also usually falls on men. Although ofttimes connected child grandma and a lot of put in a own hands. Maximum plan to meet a newborn and mom:

• Wash out windows, wash curtains;

• get rid of a dust on a cabinets and shelves;

• wash out a floors, vacuum a rugs / carpet;

• Items that collect dust, better to put in any room or on a balcony - old mild toys, old books, etc., and at times worth spending a ruthless revision of all that is in a apartment;

• assemble a crib, hang on the edge of a bumpers;

• sluice the infants's powder in a washing machine and iron iron sheets for a baby;

• hang nightlight in a nursery;

• Sluice bath exceptional cleaning agent approved for babies, or soda.

And finally, a surprises and pleasant trifles a time of discharge. There are traditional, shall we say, the classic method to congratulate a young woman on a birthday of a child. This mom flowers, candy and envelope - a nurse, carrying a newborn. But a most creative father, however comfortably as family and friends see fit to surprise and like my mother. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share your experience: the treatment of a common cold during pregnancy


Because of shrinking immunity any men during pregnancy avoided colds. When the first specific ailments expectant mom begins to worry and panic - the like treatment, however however not to harm the baby. We asked mums on a site of what is allowed during pregnancy helps to overcome a common cold, and they gathered the whole experience in one material.

When the 1st symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) need call a medical man - is influential however soon how potential to make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before the arrival of the medical man may relieve their condition in a following ways.

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Tips for moms and dads


Permanent illness of a child, however mentioned above, are associated not only with lower immunity. One of a decisive factors in addition to other is a psychological state of a baby. Why, moms and dads must strive to minimize all a annoyances. What do you request?

• Respect for a time.

• A balanced diet.

• Charging, water and air tempering process, starting from a second 7 days later recovery.

• helf night's sleep (count weekends, so many hours should your child to sleep, and during a 7 days put him to sleep at a time similar that in the right he got his rule, in case of fatigue necessarily put the child to sleep later school).

• At least an hour of time to communicate with the child and play any day (at this hour will not assess the homework!).

• Permanent breathing exercises.

• The medical man's prescription - bracing massotherapy.

• Wear done of capacity organic fabrics (specifically if the child is suffering autonomic disturbances).

• Compliance with a standard rules of hygiene.

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All about role-playing games for kids


We all understand as momentous it is for a newborn, especially the role-playing game. In it, he models a your situations of the lives, finds a way out of them, learning to communicate, preparing for adult your. It can be said that during the role-play in a newborn's socialization occurs to any extent - a accumulation of social experience and its application.

Develop fantasy role playing kid expand his horizons. With these games It is possible to even organize a baby's education. In addition, role-playing games may provide a wealth of information on how children see your family relationships in her that he likes, or, conversely, are concerned. Watching a newborn's play, It is possible to draw conclusions about the size of a developmental and mental health of the newborn, his character and temperament.

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