How a expectant mother cope with cramps


During pregnancy, many women regularly occur muscle cramps. Not the most pleasant feeling, though temporary and not serious. So to deal with them?

Cramps - is paroxysmal involuntary muscle contraction. Feels like a strong sharp which reduces muscle pain, frequently in the lower leg or foot, occasionally - in the mitt, neck, toes. In pregnant gerls, calf cramps are common - you usually occur at night during sleep or in a morning after waking up.

Causes of seizures

The chief cause of seizures during pregnancy is the lack of vitamins and minerals. Specifically potassium, calcium and magnesium. Читать полностью -->

Moms share their experience: hair leaving of the giving birthday


A lot of women who are mums, complain of problems with a hair. Indeed, of the a delivery, a sharp deterioration of a hair: you become brittle, lose a luster and start to fall. Recommend that moms who keep been through this?

Why does thin hair fall out after birthday

So a lot of processes in a body women manage hormones. Specifically when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Changes everything: both outside and inside. Internal changes entail and external. Читать полностью -->

Mums share the experience: the treatment of a common cold-blooded during pregnancy


Because of shrinking immunity any people during pregnancy avoided colds. When a 1-st specific ailments expectant mum begins to worry and panic - a same treatment, however so not to harm the child. We asked moms on the site of what is permitted during pregnancy helps to overcome a common cold, and they gathered the whole experience in one material.

When a first symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) need call the physician - is momentous however soon as possible to do an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before the arrival of a physician may relieve your condition in the following ways.

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Child Newborn well-being

. . . Читать полностью -->

As old makeup differs from winter


A second factor that is important to consider is the type of facial skin. In the classification of skin types, compiled by scientists, dermatologists Fitzpatrick, described six facial skin types. The first - men with fair fine skin, blue or green skin eyes, which are highly easy to burn in the sun. Holders of the face phototype can without risking damage in a sun for about the size of 10 min. If you multiply a 10 min on a level of protection (SPF), marked on the cream, having a time during which the fluid ensures you complete protection with ultraviolet radiation. For example, if you 1st skin type, and a specified level of protection fluid SPF 20, It is possible to stay in a sun 200 min, this field should be re-protective serum.

In sunscreens may be used physical and chemical protective factors. Читать полностью -->

However old makeup differs from winter


Summer for mitt upkeep fluid is desirable to use a lighter texture. Any cosmetic companies have separate mitt creams for winter and summer. Choosing the cream at the store, create sure that its composition does not incorporate glycerin. This insidious component. A 1-st effect is that you get by using a cream with glycerin - smooth and silky skin. But in a long term, it is harmful to the face, however it prevents a penetration of oxygen and accelerates aging.

Accurately chosen home service facilities are occasionally able to bring the skin more goodness than professional treatments that are done with time to time. Читать полностью -->

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