Tips for parents


Permanent illness of a newborn, so mentioned above, are associated not alone with low immunity. One of the decisive factors in addition to other is a psychological state of the child. Therefore, moms and dads need strive to minimize all the annoyances. What do you claim?

• Respect for the day.

• A balanced diet.

• Charging, h2o and air tempering procedure, starting with the second 7 days later recovery.

• goodness night's sleep (count weekends, how many hours must the child to sleep, and during the week put him to sleep at a time like that in the reasonable he got his rule, in case of fatigue necessarily put the child to sleep following school).

• At least an hour of time to communicate with the newborn and play every time (at this hour will not assess a homework!).

• Special breathing exercises.

• The medic's prescription - bracing massotherapy.

• Clothing made of quality organic fabrics (particularly if the child is suffering autonomic disturbances).

• Compliance with the standard rules of hygiene.

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